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Genova Plumbing

Facts on Genova Hot & Cold Water CPVC System

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) pipe and fittings are used within buildings for potable hot and cold water distribution from the water meter to fixtures. CPVC systems are installed quickly easily and cheaply with solvent weld installation.

CPVC products are made of superior energy saving thermoplastic materials which are easy to handle and outperform all exiting metal water systems, CPVC is imperviuos to corrosion and mineral buildup within the pipe, resulting in a lifetime of worry free performancve. CPVC pipe keeps hot water hot and cold water cold. Less energy is lost throught the wall of the pipe, therefore saving homeowners money on heating and cooling bills.

Genova Products are manufactured with strict qualty control standarts, Our rigit CPVC pipe is performance rated to exceed all residential pressure requiriments; it is designed to withstand continious operanting pressures of 100 PSI at water temperatures of 180°.

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